Christian Life Church

Straight Up Student Ministries exists to meet the spiritual needs of students in grades 7 - 12. We confront students with their need for Jesus Christ and teach them to daily live to honor Him. Our goal is to produce "life change," then to help students become "life changers". This life change is not just "cleaning up our act" or to "stop sinning". We want to introduce students to a personal relationship with Jesus. He can change us from the inside-out and make us a "new creation". As He transforms our lives, He then uses us to serve Him by serving others. 

To accomplish these goals, we use:

Straight Up Student Night - Wednesday Night meeting at 7pm.

Straight Up Sunday School - Graded Bible study classes in which the Word of God is studied systematically and applied to our everyday lives.

Encounter Camp - Our Summer Camp in the Kiamichi Mountains. This is a week of worship and learning about God's word.

Straight Up Mission Trips - We try to take trips that will allow us to serve other people in hopes that they will see love and come to a life changing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Straight Up Growth Track - We realize the importance of new believers being discipled so that they don't fall through the cracks. We understand that most new believers may have no idea how to grow in their relationship with Jesus so these growth lessons are geared specifically to allow new believers to grow and ask questions in a small setting.

Straight Up Activities -We take fun trips out of town for various concerts and other activities. We also have Sunday Night Live where we meet somewhere on Sunday evenings to enjoy fellowship and have fun.

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